Beautiful Packages Start at $3,000 

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Newly Wed

  •   6 hours of Coverage

  •   4-5 minute Ultra HD 4k Highlight Video

  •  Ceremony Edit

  •  Licensed Music Track

  •  Final Video will be edited and delivered within 8 weeks

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Forever Love

  • 8 hours of  Coverage

  • 5-7 minute Ultra HD 4k highlight video of your special day

  • Short Form Doc Edit (Ceremony + Toasts)

  • Aerial Drone Footage  (venue + weather permitting)

  • ​Licensed music tracks used

  • Final video will be edited and delivered within 8 weeks

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Happily Ever After

  •  All Day Coverage

  •  Social Media Teaser

  •  2 Shooters

  •  7-9 minute Ultra HD 4k highlight video of your special day

  • Aerial Drone Footage  (venue + weather permitting)

  •  Long Form Doc Edit (Ceremony + Entrance + Dances+ Toasts)

  •  Engraved USB 

  • ​Licensed music tracks used

  •  Final video will be edited and delivered within 8 weeks

*Custom Wedding Films can also be requested

Special Add Ons

Couples typically like to customize their package with special ad ons suitable to their likings


Why stop with a save the date card when you can announce your wedding by sharing what your love truly looks like! Perfect for social media, these videos take your engagement session to a new level and give friends and family a taste of what’s to come.


30-60 Second “First Look” or  Highlight Teaser of your Wedding Day, perfect for sharing on INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK and other social media.


We know not everyone can make it to experience your big day! This is our fix to that! Allow us to livestream parts of your big day to anyone that couldn’t make it!


Along with your highlight film, you’ll receive this Ceremony Edit. Video will be 20-30 minutes long, and will be of the entire ceremony from start to finish. Footage will be spliced together and color graded. Don’t miss those intimate ceremony moments.


An unedited video includes the best angles and full audio files we have available of all speeches recorded


Exactly what it sounds like! An extra day with us to go to a beautiful location and film amazing memories without the pressure and stress of a wedding day. 


 Have a Fear Of Missing Out on all of the little moments throughout your wedding day?  Essentially a 2-4 hour video of everything we shot that day. In other words - a glorified Home Video Edit of your special day.  Film will not be colored corrected and it will not included background music. Delivered separately from your final Wedding Film.

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