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wedding films

Weddings are one of the most precious moments of your life.  For that reason we am committed to making that moment into a beautiful memory.  Every wedding film comes with a lot of passion and love.  These videos show timeless footage that you will enjoy for many many years to come.   We always put 110% into all of my films, so that every moment and every  film is unique to you, so you have something special to cherish forever.

Rustic Charm:
A Destination Wedding in Lake Tahoe

This was a beautiful wedding in Lake Tahoe, in September 2020. All the problems that were happening with Covid, and with the Fires, these two were still able to pull off this incredible wedding. Nothing stopped them and they lived through an unprecedented experience which they cherished forever.  

The Reactions Were Priceless

This wedding had a real cozy feel to it.  All of the bridesmaids really brought out the joy and happiness which was exhibited throughout the day.  The emotions of the bride and her family and friends were priceless.  


The Groom Came in a Boat

In Gorgeous Key Largo, the bride celebrated with all her brides maids her happy day.  She was so surprised when the groom arrived on a boat that they shared for many years.  The sunset and the waterfront at this venue was incredible so much that words could not describe this wedding.  

The Excitement Was Profound

This wedding was held at a beautiful country club in Novato, CA.  With over 200 people in attendance, everyone was able to show their love and support for this amazing couple.  From the groom's stunning suit, to the bride's beautiful reception dance this wedding was a great celebration from start to finish. 

Raylynn + Max YT Final copy.jpg

All the Emotions Came Out 

This Bride was so happy on her special day.  She was marrying her best friend.  After they shared a their wedding vows they followed it up with an amazing handshake, and a sweet kiss.  Both of them were filled with so much love and happiness.

maxresdefault (3).jpg

Brought Me To Tears

At the winery in Sonoma, CA this stunning couple had their first look.  The groom was brought to tears when he saw his beautiful bride for the first time.  He realized he had made the right decision and they picked out the perfect venue for the wedding to happen. 

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